Belmont County Auditor - Cindi Henry

When a deed is received in our department a transfer sheet is completed. The information on the transfer sheet lists the taxing district, the date of the transfer, the current owner, the legal description, parcel number and the taxable value. Also listed is the new owners name and mailing address and type of deed.

The money for transfer fees and conveyance fees are collected along with the proper form. The form is completed and a conveyance number is assigned to each transfer. The most current deed transferred shows on the transfer screen immediately after it is entered into the computer. The conveyance forms are kept on file and used by realtors to look for comparable sales.

Forms Required:

An exempt form when no money is involved.

A conveyance form when money is involved.

Also if the transfer is split acreage from a larger tract, a split acre worksheet must be completed. If there are buildings on the tract of land this will place the buildings Properly.


Transfer fees are fifty cents per parcel.