Belmont County Auditor - Cindi Henry

Notice is hereby given that the delinquent manufactured home list and delinquent duplicate returned by the County Treasurer of Belmont County, with the taxes, interest and penalties charged thereupon agreeable to law are contained in the notice and that the names of persons who have entered into payment contract with the County Treasurer to discharge delinquency, have been stricken from said list to be published as provided by Section 5721.03 of the Ohio Revised Code on December 9, 2019 and December 16, 2019. The full delinquent list is available below.

Certified delinquent parcels may become subject to foreclosure proceedings as provided in section 5712.14 of the Revised Code.

Please note: New Legislation on interest if taxes are delinquent. Also, the tax payer is given the opportunity to schedule a 5 payment plan with the County Treasurer.

Anthony Rocchio
Belmont County Auditor

View Delinquent Manufactured Home Tax List

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