Belmont County Auditor - Cindi Henry

The lands, lots, and parts of lots returned delinquent by the county treasurer of Belmont County, with the taxes, assessments, interest, and penalties, charged thereupon agreeably to law, are contained and described in the following list. The list includes any parcel delinquent over $50.00. The delinquent list is available for viewing here on the Belmont County Auditor’s web site.

Notice is hereby given that the whole of such several tracts, lots or parts of lots will be certified for foreclosure by the county auditor pursuant to law unless the whole of the delinquent taxes, assessments, interest, and penalties are paid within one year. The names of persons who have entered into a written undertaking with the county treasurer to discharge the delinquency are designated by an asterisk or have been stricken from the list.

View Delinquent Land Tax Notice List

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