Belmont County Auditor - Cindi Henry

Owners of residential rental property must file the following information with the county auditor (5323.02 (A)):

Name, address, and phone number of an owner, trustee, administrator, general partner, manager, associate, or member, depending on how the property is owned

Street address and permanent parcel number of the property

The year any dwelling units were built

The information will be filed and maintained in a manner to be determined by the auditor (5323.02 (B))

The information is public record (5523.04)

“Residential rental property” means (5323.01):

Real Property

1 or more dwelling units leased or rented solely for residential purposes; or

mobile home park or site where lots are leased for parking mobile/manufactured homes/RVs for residential purposes

does not include hotels or college dorms

The owner must update changed information within 10 days (5323.02 (C))

Owners of residential rental property who reside out of state must designate an individual in Ohio to serve as their agent for the acceptance of process for legal actions or proceedings (5323.03)

The county auditor must determine the manner in which the designation must be made

If the owner has already designated such an agent with the Secretary of State, a certified copy of that document must be filed with the auditor

No owner of residential rental property shall fail to comply with the filing or updating of information requirements or shall fail to satisfy the designation of agent requirement or the filing of the appropriate designation of agent document requirement. Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor. (Sec. 5323.99)


The law went into effect 9/28/06.
Prepared by CAAO Legislative Intern Kate Dennis, 3/3/06
Updated 9/28/06

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