Belmont County Auditor - Anthony Rocchio

The Auditor’s office is finished conducting a reappraisal of all properties in the county. The reappraisal is ordered by the Department of Taxation every six years and will take effect for tax year 2012, payable in calendar year 2013.


Notice is hereby given, in compliance with Section 5713.01, Revised Code, that the reappraisal of all real property in Belmont County has been completed and pursuant to Section 5715.17, Revised Code, the tax returns of Belmont County, for the tax year 2012, have been revised and the valuations completed and are open for public inspection at the office of the County Auditor in the Court House, St. Clairsville, Ohio.

Complaints against any valuation or assessment, except of valuations fixed and assessments made by the Tax Commissioner of Ohio, will be heard by the County Board of Revision at the Court House, St. Clairsville, Ohio beginning November 26, 2012, at 10:00 A.M. for a period of two weeks.

Complaints must be made in writing on blanks furnished by the County Auditor and filed in his office on or before March 31, 2013, or at anytime during which taxes are received by the County Treasurer without penalty for the first half taxes.

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Belmont County Auditor, Andrew L. Sutak announced that the Belmont County Auditor website located at has been updated showing a fresher and newer look.

Many frequently used functions such as; The Real Estate Online, Dog License online and the County Annual Financial Report are easier to access and view on the new website. Many forms used in the auditor’s office can be downloaded for use by the public. The auditor’s duties, frequently asked questions, forms and links are available on the new website.

When pictures are obtained, the website will highlight the many cities and villages throughout the county via a slide show. Auditor Sutak “Invites the residents of Belmont County to visit the new website to view the many functions offered as public information.”

Please contact the auditor office at 740 699-2130 for questions or comments.

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Belmont County Auditor, Andrew L. Sutak, would like to inform all Belmont County property owners that the Auditor’s office is currently conducting a reappraisal of all properties in the county. The reappraisal is ordered by the Department of Taxation every six years and will take effect for tax year 2012, payable in calendar year 2013.

Appraisers will be throughout the entire county and will be easily identified by the County Auditor’s name on the side of their vehicle and each have individual ID’s from the Auditor’s office. Please contact the Auditor’s office at (740) 699-2132 for any questions regarding the reappraisal process.

Mr. Sutak also wants to remind residents living outside city limits which require a building permit, it is the property owner’s responsibility to notify the County Auditor and file a new construction notice for any improvements to your property over $200.00 per Ohio Revised Code 5713.17. You may call the office for a new construction form or you may go to the Auditor’s website under online forms. Destroyed property forms are also available for buildings removed from the property.

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Andrew L. Sutak, Belmont County Auditor is pleased to announce that beginning on December 1, 2009 a 2010 dog license can now be applied for and paid by credit card online through a secure web site. You may also go to the Belmont County Auditor website and click on Dog License Online to access the site. Several other counties have used this system and it comes highly recommended. Our office will not handle any part of the online transaction. Once the transaction is completed the license information and a check will be forwarded to the auditor’s office on a weekly basis. Once the necessary information is received the dog tag/s and receipt will be sent to the purchaser. This feature is being added as a convenience to dog owners. There will be an additional fee to use the online service.

The 2010 dog and kennel license will go on sale December 1. An application will be mailed to each person who applied for a license during 2009. Anyone who acquired a dog/s or a kennel (five dogs or more) during the year and did not receive an application form from the auditor’s office, may apply for a license from any agent located throughout the County, at the Court House or use the online service.

After receipt of the preprinted application, please review the information on the form, make any necessary corrections, enclose a check for the fees, and return the application in the enclosed envelope and mail to: Belmont County Auditor, Attn: Dog License, 101 W Main St., St. Clairsville, OH 43950. After processing the application, the auditor’s office will mail the license/s and a copy of the application to the owner.

The license fee is $12 for each dog or $60 for a kennel license. For questions, please contact the auditor’s office at 740 699-2131.

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After over 38 years of public service Belmont County Auditor Joseph A. Pappano announced his retirement effective September 30, 2009. Mr. Pappano took office as Belmont County Auditor in March 1987. He also had service with the administration of Governor John J. Gilligan, Thomas E. Ferguson, Auditor of State and ten years as Belmont County Treasurer. We extend our very best wishes to Mr. Pappano and his wife Rosalie for an enjoyable retirement.

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